Novokid Revolutionary Complete Lice Treatment Kit

The Novokid Lice Treatment Kit offers parents and patients a new method to remove lice that is chemical and pesticide free. It is also considered one of the safer alternatives available for removing lice off your child’s head.

Many parents we speak with are deeply concerned with applying pesticides on their child’s scalp and we fully understand why. Pesticides can cause severe issues if applied incorrectly or if your child has an adverse reaction to pesticides or chemicals.

With many infestations, some of the alternative treatments that we have tried worked well and many of the products and alternative therapies do prove successful.

These alternative products and therapies are always pesticide free and have a high safety rating ; however, with problematic and recurring lice infestations it may be suggested for parents to use chemical or pesticide treatment under professional supervision.

The Novokid system must be used with its formulated capsules that are 100% natural with its active ingredients being vinegar and rosemary oil. We have tested other products using tea tree oil as that have equally worked well, but you will often find a greasy mess after. The Novokid solution is a dry solution and leaves no mess which is a plus for many parents and lice treatment centers.

In order to use this product you must have the complete kit which has a treatment cap to cover your entire scalp and hair, the treatment capsules and the Novokid device which inflates and applies the non-toxic treatment.

The entire process is about 10 minutes and you can reapply as often as needed. No combing of nits is required since the active ingredient does kill the nits and the lice during the treatment.

More details on what is included with the kit can be found below:

  • COMPLETE LICE TREATMENT KIT: Novokid scientifically proven complete lice treatment kit contains all you need to get rid of lice and nits in simple 10 minutes treatment and with no mess
  • NATURAL: Novokid natural lice treatment is clinically proven, effective, quick, dry. Our active ingredient capsules developed by TechCare scientists is based on vinegar and contain only natural ingredients
  • NO SHAMPOO AND HURT FREE: Novokid lice kit is easy to use, does not require shampooing or combing and that’s what makes this treatment both simple and 100% pain-free!
  • PREVENTIVE TREATMENT: We recommend repeating the treatment after 24 hours to check for remaining head lice or eggs. Repeat Novokid treatment weekly for a s afe and natural preventative treatment.
  • KITS INCLUDES: Novokid device with three years warranty, Novokid treatment cap, four disposable capsules, and illustrated easy to follow instructions. Uses four 4XAA Batteries (not included)

To those that have used this system, they believe it works and works well. The system is reasonably priced and if you are looking for an alternative therapy to remove lice of your child’s head or yours, this might be the system for you.

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